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System Outage Report for 4/30/2015

Dear Client and Partners,


On April 30, 2015, the Kigo platform experienced a partial outage, affecting users connecting to our App and our API from approximately 2:15AM until  5:30AM (EST).  The outage was due to a Domain Name Resolution (DNS) problem affecting one of our cloud hosting providers. DNS lookups for the affected services hosted by this provider began to fail and our on-call team was dispatched to bypass the issue using an alternate DNS provider.


Although we cannot completely mitigate against 3rd party networking issues, we have identified areas of process improvement that would reduce the overall outage to a significantly shorter time if a similar incident would to occur in the future. We can accomplish that by proactively rerouting traffic to non-affected server infrastructure. We have also improved our monitoring to provide more granular information about system performance.


We strive for 100% uptime.  Our infrastructure is deployed in multiple geographical regions and with redundant systems.  Over the 3 months prior to this incident we have provided greater than 99.93% uptime for the Kigo App.  In the past year we have had 6 months with greater than 99.99% uptime and 5 months with 100% uptime. Our 12 month average including this incident is currently 99.612%.

InstaManager and Kigo Merging

Exciting News from InstaManager! As you may know, Kigo and InstaManager are now both owned by RealPage, Inc., based in Carrollton, Texas.  The combined business unit will be known as Kigo going forward. In the next few weeks you will notice updates and changes within the tools as we begin to merge the two brands.  In certain spots you will notice things referred as Kigo, instead of InstaManager.  Nothing will change immediately in terms of your service and the product.  We would also like to inform of an exciting development – early in 2015 a brand new version will be released, an all-in-one complete solution, which combines the best features of InstaManager with the powerful Channel Manager from Kigo.


Stay tuned for more updates on this launch as it becomes available!


If you have additional questions feel free to reach out to our Support Team or your dedicated Success Manager.

Important Notice: System Maintenance and Upgrades

Dear Clients,

Our engineers will be conducting routine maintenance and upgrades on our hosting infrastructure tonight (Thursday 8/14/2014) beginning at midnight, continuing until 4AM EST on Friday morning.

We expect minimal downtime during this maintenance window, with little or no interruption to our services. However, we are providing advance notice of this maintenance window to our clients as a precaution.

If you have any questions, please contact

Important Notice for Self-Hosted InstaSites

Dear InstaManager Clients,

If you are currently using our WordPress plugin and self-hosting your InstaSite, there is a critical update for the plugin which must be installed in order to continue receiving payments for bookings on your site.

Please use this link to download and install the latest version of the plugin from github to your WordPress site:

Contact with any questions.

Important Feature Update – Credit Card Tokenization

Dear InstaManager Clients and Partners,

On June 9th, we released a new system update which includes a new security feature called Credit Card Tokenization.

This feature ensures less data risk for Property Managers, Agencies and Guests.  When a credit card is used with a supported merchant gateway, our system will receive a special code called a “Token”.  Once a card has been processed we then only store this token plus the last 4 digits of the guest’s credit card.  The credit card processor gateway will store the card securely within their system and we only need to reference the transaction with a token when charging the card for any subsequent amount.  Cards can be charged multiple times using a single token – the guests will not need to re-enter their cards for each payment.

When a credit card has been tokenized, we are no longer able to “Reveal” the full credit card number to our InstaApp users since it is no longer stored.  When this occurs, the reveal button will show a message that the card number is unavailable.  There is no need to be alarmed, the card may still be used to process charges through our system even though the full card number is no longer present.  The last 4 numbers are displayed for verification purposes.

This update is only one of many efforts we take to ensure data security and to reduce threat risks.  All of our systems are tested regularly for PCI compliance and penetrability to help ensure security for our clients and their guests.


If you have any questions, please contact for assistance.

OpenSSL Heartbleed Vulnerability and Online Safety

Dear InstaManager Clients and Partners,

This morning we became aware of a known exploit in OpenSSL which allows for encrypted data to be exposed known as “Heartbleed”.

More information about Heartbleed can be found HERE

Our engineers have already scanned for this vulnerability and installed the necessary updates to ensure that our environment is secure.


The InstaSite platform uilizes OpenSSL and required an update.  Verification of this security fix can be found HERE


Your online safety and success is our priority!  Please contact if you have any questions.

Notice – Scheduled InstaSites Maintenance

Dear InstaManager Clients,

We will be performing some routine maintenance and upgrades on our InstaSites platform tomorrow night (March 26, 2014), beginning at 10PM EST.

During this maintenance window we expect that sites will be intermittently offline and users will not be able to save changes for a period of approximately 1-2 hours.  Total outages and downtime should be minimal for client-facing websites.

During this maintenance window we will be upgrading WordPress to the newest version, as well as performing general OS and software updates on the servers.  This work is being done to ensure a safe, reliable, and overall brilliant experience for our InstaSite users.


Please contact if you have any questions.


[Update] Maintenance has been completed and the platform updates are complete.  The maintenance window was extended in order facilitate the necessary changes.  All sites are back online.

Control Panel Retirement Reminder

Dear Bookt Clients and Partners,

As of now, anyone visiting will be automatically redirected to, which is a new subdomain for the Legacy Control Panel.

Tomorrow morning we will begin automatically redirecting all traffic for to the InstaApp instead.

Similar to the last step in this process, users will still be able to reach the Legacy Control Panel by clicking on the link in the bottom-right corner of the InstaApp.


As a reminder, the Legacy Control Panel will be completely retired on March 15. Please update your bookmarks if you have not done so already.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

Email Processor Interuption

Dear InstaManager Clients,

We are currently experiencing a delay in our email processing services. Outbound emails are unaffected, but inbound emails may not be imported immediately.

An update will be made to this blog post upon resolution.

Please contact with any questions or concerns.

[Update] Incomming Email processing began failing at 9:47 PM EST and were fully restored at approximately 11:55 PM. Queued messages will be processed in the order they were received and should be caught up within the next 1-2 hours.