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Booking.com: urgent action needed

In order to strengthen their verification process and understand your business even better, Booking.com is asking you to complete a ‘Know Your Partner’ form.

What does the form involve? The form asks for relevant information about who you are and where you’re based. It also asks for details about your property and how your business operates. All information will be solely used to verify your account and won’t be used for any marketing or commercial purposes.
When do you need to complete it by? To make sure your account isn’t suspended, you need to complete the form as soon as possible. You’ll find the exact deadline in your extranet.
What happens if you don’t complete the form? Unfortunately, your account will be temporarily suspended on Booking.com and your property/properties won’t be open for bookings on their site. We don’t want this to happen, so we strongly urge you to complete the form(s) as soon as you can. You can find a link to the form in an email sent to you by Booking.com.

If you have any questions about the form or the verification process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Booking.com.

Airbnb update for Super Strict cancellation policies

As part of our continued efforts to keep your connection with Airbnb updated, we inform you of the policy change that Airbnb realizes to improve security after March 22nd.

Airbnb is changing the requirements for accessing their Super Strict 30 Days and Super Strict 60 Days cancellation policies. If you already have or you want to select any of these policies you need to complete the verification process in Airbnb.

Your action item: if you apply a Super Strict policy, log in your Airbnb account and complete business verification (https://www.airbnb.com/hosting?bavi=1) and identity verification (https://www.airbnb.com/account-verification/).

If you need any further information or help, please contact our Support team here.

Updates to our Airbnb connection. Check your guest controls-related amenities!

As part of our continued efforts to improve your connection with Airbnb, we have made the following changes:

1.We have mapped the following property types to their new corresponding property types in Airbnb:

In Kigo In Airbnb
Apartment Apartment (Apartments)
Bungalow Bungalow (Houses)
Barn Barn (Unique Homes)
Cabin Cabin (Houses)
Castle Castle (Unique Homes)
Chalet Chalet (Houses)
Condo Condominium (Apartments)
Cottage Cottage (Houses)
Farmhouse Farm stay (Bnb)
Hotel Hotel (Boutique hotels and more)
House House (Houses)
Houseboat Houseboat (Houses)
Lodge Lodge (Bnb)
Studio Apartment (Houses)
Townhome Townhouse (Houses)
Villa Villa (Houses)
Yacht Boat (Unique Homes)

Please note, that for the custom property categories we are sending the default type assigned in Kigo.

2. We have mapped the bed types in Kigo with the corresponding ones in Airbnb. This means that now the beds in your properties, if setup in Kigo, should be already displaying in Airbnb as well, based on the following correspondence table:

In Kigo In Airbnb
King King Bed
Queen Queen Bed
Double Double Bed
Twin Beds Double Bed
Single Single Bed
Bunk Bed Bunk Bed
Child Bed Toddler Bed
Crib Crib
Sofa/Convertible Single Sofa Bed
Sofa/Convertible Double Sofa Bed
Futon Floor Mattress

If you need to edit your bed types in Kigo, log in your property and click on “Edit” above the “Beds” text box:

3. Airbnb has set the check-in and check-out end times as a mandatory fields when syncing to a Channel Manager. We are sending them as “Flexible” for your synced properties. If your check-in and/or check-out times cannot be flexible, we recommend you to add the info on the restrictions that you have in your properties’ Check-in instructions (under the “Policies” tab within each of your properties).

4. Airbnb has set the guest controls fields as mandatory when syncing to a Channel Manager. These are rules the guest must agree to before they book. We have mapped the following Kigo amenities to the Airbnb guest controls:

In Kigo In Airbnb
Child Friendly Allows Children as Host
Child Friendly Allows Infants as Host
Smoking Allowed Allows Smoking as Host
Pet Friendly Allows Pets as Host
Event Friendly Allows Events as Host

PLEASE NOTE! If you don’t have these amenities selected at Kigo, at Airbnb will appear that these type of hosts are not being allowed.

Your action item: Please make sure the “Child Friendly” amenity is selected if you allow children and infants in your properties.

If you need any further information or help, please contact our Support team here.

SEO Your Kigo Website!

If you have a Falcon Kigo Website, we have some new, helpful videos to get your website optimized for search engines!

These self-help videos will help you optimize your main website pages, such as the home, Contact Us, and About Us pages, as well as your individual property images and pages.

What’s in the new Widget

  • Helpful videos: give you step by step guidance and advice on how to improve your web pages
  • Helpful Blogs: teach you SEO best practices and will get you up to speed on how it works, and how you can harness the true SEO power of your website.

Login to your website at: https://your-website.kigobook.com/wp-admin/

More helpful videos and articles are coming soon, so check your WordPress admin dashboard often!

Update: new amenities available and channels’ connections improvement

In Kigo we keep working to improve your amenities and the way they sync to our channel partners. This allows you to optimize your listings, maximize your listings’ visibility and increase your conversion.


New Amenities Added and synced with channels:

We have added new amenities to your Kigo solution. Most of them are amenities that Airbnb offers, and by selecting them you will improve your Airbnb listings’ visibility.

Please NOTE!  We have included the amenity “kitchen”.

If you are synced to Airbnb, we have automatically selected for you the “kitchen” amenity for those properties that had 2 or more kitchen-related amenities so your Airbnb profile keeps showing “kitchen” as an amenity for those properties. From now on, the amenity “kitchen” will be synced only if ”kitchen” is selected in the amenities for each of the properties of your solution instead of being synced when 2 kitchen-related amenities were selected.

The new “kitchen” amenity is also synced with HomeAway and with your Kigo website.

See below the correspondence between the new amenities in Kigo and their Airbnb counterpart:

In Kigo In Airbnb
Accessible Height Bed Accessible height bed
Accessible Height Toilet Accessible height toilet
Bathroom Step Free Access Bathroom step free access
Bathroom Wide Doorway Bathroom wide doorway
Beach Essentials Beach essentials
Bedroom Step Free Access Bedroom step free access
Bedroom Wide Doorway Bedroom wide doorway
Ceiling Hoist Ceiling hoist
Common Space Step Free Access Common space step free access
Common Space Wide Doorway Common space wide doorway
Disabled Parking Spot Disabled parking spot
Electric Profiling Bed Electric profiling bed
EV Charger Ev charger
Extra Pillows and Blankets Extra pillows and blankets
Flat Smooth Pathway to Front Door Flat smooth pathway to front door
Grab Rails in Shower Grab rails in shower
Grab Rails in Toilet Grab rails in toilet
Handheld Shower Head Handheld shower head
Home Step Free Access Home step free access
Home Wide Doorway Home wide doorway
Hot Water Hot water
Kitchen Kitchen
Lock on Bedroom Door Lock on bedroom door
Luggage Drop Off Allowed Luggage drop-off allowed
Mobile Hoist Mobile hoist
Paid Parking Paid parking
Paid Parking on Premises Paid parking on premises
Path to Entrance Lit at Night Path to entrance lit at night
Pool Hoist Pool hoist
Private Living Room Private living room
Rolling Shower Rollin shower
Room Darkening Shades Room darkening shades


Your action items: in case any of your properties offers any of the amenities included in the list above (except kitchen, as we have automatically selected it for you), please select the amenity or amenities for each of your properties so they are synced with Airbnb.

In case your property does not have a kitchen but offers kitchen utensils, please deselect the “kitchen” amenity in your Kigo solution.


Existing Kigo amenities, now synced with Airbnb:

We have synced the following new amenities available at Airbnb as well:

In Kigo In Airbnb
Baby Bath Baby bath
Baby Monitor Baby monitor
Babysitter Recommendations Babysitter recommendations
Balcony Patio or balcony
Cable Internet Wireless internet
Coffee Maker Coffee maker
Dishwasher Dishwasher
Fitness Room Gym
Heater Heating
Heating Heating
Kitchen Utensils Cooking basics
Laptop Friendly Workspace Laptop friendly
Linens Bed linens
Long Term Long term stays allowed
Microwave Microwave
Mid Stay Cleaning Cleaning before checkout
Oven Oven
Patio Patio or balcony
Portable Wifi Pocket wifi
Private Entrance Private entrance
Refrigerator Refrigerator
Stove Stove
Wood Stove Stove


Your action items: you do not need to take any further step. If any of the amenities above is selected for your properties, they are automatically being synced with Airbnb now.


For more information about the integration with Airbnb and a comprehensive list of amenities mapped with Airbnb, please visit the Airbnb synchronization page at help.kigo.net.

Thank you,
The Kigo Team