Updates to our Airbnb connection. Check your guest controls-related amenities!

As part of our continued efforts to improve your connection with Airbnb, we have made the following changes:

1.We have mapped the following property types to their new corresponding property types in Airbnb:

In Kigo In Airbnb
Apartment Apartment (Apartments)
Bungalow Bungalow (Houses)
Barn Barn (Unique Homes)
Cabin Cabin (Houses)
Castle Castle (Unique Homes)
Chalet Chalet (Houses)
Condo Condominium (Apartments)
Cottage Cottage (Houses)
Farmhouse Farm stay (Bnb)
Hotel Hotel (Boutique hotels and more)
House House (Houses)
Houseboat Houseboat (Houses)
Lodge Lodge (Bnb)
Studio Apartment (Houses)
Townhome Townhouse (Houses)
Villa Villa (Houses)
Yacht Boat (Unique Homes)

Please note, that for the custom property categories we are sending the default type assigned in Kigo.

2. We have mapped the bed types in Kigo with the corresponding ones in Airbnb. This means that now the beds in your properties, if setup in Kigo, should be already displaying in Airbnb as well, based on the following correspondence table:

In Kigo In Airbnb
King King Bed
Queen Queen Bed
Double Double Bed
Twin Beds Double Bed
Single Single Bed
Bunk Bed Bunk Bed
Child Bed Toddler Bed
Crib Crib
Sofa/Convertible Single Sofa Bed
Sofa/Convertible Double Sofa Bed
Futon Floor Mattress

If you need to edit your bed types in Kigo, log in your property and click on “Edit” above the “Beds” text box:

3. Airbnb has set the check-in and check-out end times as a mandatory fields when syncing to a Channel Manager. We are sending them as “Flexible” for your synced properties. If your check-in and/or check-out times cannot be flexible, we recommend you to add the info on the restrictions that you have in your properties’ Check-in instructions (under the “Policies” tab within each of your properties).

4. Airbnb has set the guest controls fields as mandatory when syncing to a Channel Manager. These are rules the guest must agree to before they book. We have mapped the following Kigo amenities to the Airbnb guest controls:

In Kigo In Airbnb
Child Friendly Allows Children as Host
Child Friendly Allows Infants as Host
Smoking Allowed Allows Smoking as Host
Pet Friendly Allows Pets as Host
Event Friendly Allows Events as Host

PLEASE NOTE! If you don’t have these amenities selected at Kigo, at Airbnb will appear that these type of hosts are not being allowed.

Your action item: Please make sure the “Child Friendly” amenity is selected if you allow children and infants in your properties.

If you need any further information or help, please contact our Support team here.